Everyone needs dental care! 

Dental Options

Your health insurance probably doesn't cover Dental. 
So why not add a plan of your choice today!

Finding the right value - One size doesn't fit everyone
Shop for the dental plan that best fits your needs
For best results select an in-network dentist

Quotes with multiple dental insurance companies & vision 

  • Apply by the 20th of this month - effective 1st of the following month
  • Affordable dental plans
  • Large participating provider networks

No Waiting Period on Cleaning, Filling or Crown for these plans:

  • Delta Dental for Everyone Immediate Coverage Plan PPO/Premier
  • Renaissance Dental MAX Choice Plus Plan PPO (implants and dentures covered on this plan too)

This is not an insurance plan.

Quotes for multiple plans and vision

  1. Start date can be 1st of this month or next month
  2. No waiting, deductibles or limits on use
  3. Discounted price at the time service
  4. Save 5% to 60% off list of covered benefits at dentist office
  5. Large participating provider network